At Niki Farms we practice organic farming. No hormones, antibiotics or pesticides, ever! We are 100% certified organic by CCOF & certified as an egg handler #0205 with the State of California. However, we strive to go beyond organic production standards to ensure safe, great tasting & nutritious food, which you can see for yourself when you come by to pick up your eggs/mandarins/honey & do a farm tour.

100% Certified Organic Cage Free and Pasture Raised Grade AA Eggs

Our spoiled hens are out all day in our pasture/mandarin orchard (minimum of 1400sq.ft. pasture per bird) enjoying the California sunshine, fresh air, & dust baths while grazing on native grasses/insects. We also provide them organic certified protein feed & offer crushed oyster shells to help create strong egg shells. They have plenty of shade & fresh water resulting in eggs that are flavorful & nutritious. The majority of our hens are a French breed which produce a lighter brown shell color, but on average are bigger in size than your usual store bought brown eggs. We also have a breed that lays blue/bluish green eggs. Sizes range from Large, Extra Large, Jumbo & the amazing Super Jumbo sized eggs.
We are Listed with an industry best "5-Egg" rating on the Cornucopia Institute website The Cornucopia Institute evaluates producers of organic eggs nationwide based on their ability to provide true outdoor living conditions. With a rank of “5-Egg” defined as “Exemplary-beyond organic” to “1-Egg” defined as “Ethically deficient – industrial Organics, no meaningful outdoor access”. This 5-Egg ranking is only bestowed on producers that provide their hens with the finest living conditions.

We follow a strict Food Safety Program:

The eggs are collected two times a day from antibacterial nests, then immediately hand washed under hot water, hand-packaged & refrigerated.

Our Supply is limited, so we are not taking any new customers currently Sorry!

$5.00 for 1 Dz Large brown/blue eggs (Sold Out)
$5.50 for 1 Dz Ex-Large brown/blue eggs (Sold Out)
$6.00 for 1 Dz Jumbo brown eggs (Sold Out)
$6.50 for 1 Dz Super Jumbo (76 grams & larger) brown eggs (Sold Out)

Our eggs are sold by the dozen
at Niki 559 521 5106 or email to schedule for local pick up Monday - Saturday between 8:30am-5pm.

Our eggs are also available at Kristina's Natural Ranch Market & Sumner Peck Ranch Fruit Stand in Madera, CA year round!

Raw Unfiltered Wildflower Honey

Honey is amazing straight out of the hive. So our Honey is just that and 100% Raw, meaning all the natural pollen, minerals, vitamins, antibodies and enzymes are still in there! Our hives never leave our land, so our bees are never stressed buy being moved around. Our raw honey is not filtered, never heated, just strained at room temperature to remove any wax and packaged immediately, thus capturing all the flavor and aroma of Wildflower Honey.

What is Crystallization?

Most raw honey will crystallize over time and has no bearing on its quality. Crystallization is in fact an attribute of pure and natural honey. Crystallized honey is not spoiled. Crystallization preserves the flavor and aroma of the honey.
  • Crystallization occurs when the glucose component of honey solidifies due to its lower solubility in the water element of honey.
  • Crystallization occurs faster in raw honey due to the presence of particles of wax and pollen, which serve as nucleus catalysts for crystallization.
If you like it best in liquid form, simply put the bottle in a pot of warm water and it will return to its original state. (no more than 115 degrees and no microwave, doing so will kill most of the enzymes and antibodies)
Raw Unfiltered Honey is rich in vitamin A, seven vitamins of the B complex group, vitamin C and E, amino acids, enzymes and an antibacterial agent that acts like penicillin and other antibiotics killing microbes and germs.
(We don't advertise it as 100% organic, as Bees can collect nectar up to 3 miles away)

We follow a strict Food Safety Program:

All of our honey is separated from the comb in a clean stainless steel honey extractor and then strained (to remove any wax pieces) into brand new PET plastic bottles.

$10 for 16 fl. oz plastic honey bottle (1 lb)  (Available)
$18 for 32 fl. oz plastic honey bottle (2 lbs) (Available)
(Shipping is $4.99 flat on any size and any amount anywhere in the lower 48 states) Call or email us your order details and we can do Credit Card, Debit Card or paypal.

For 559 521 5106 or email to schedule for local pick up Monday - Saturday between 8:30am-5pm.

100% Certified Organic Mandarins
(Reserve your order before February 2017, after which all will be sold and picked)

We grow Organic Seedless Tango Mandarins (similar to the "Cuties" or "Halos" marketed to the public), we like to call ours "Sweeties". They are tree ripened and have dark orange color to them. Nothing taste as good as a piece of tree ripened fruit, especially if the trees have been fertilized with the organic manure from our hens, which produces a high quality mandarin our customers have come to expect. We go the extra mile to bring you this experience by working with our marketer/packer to deliver our sweet ripened fruit to you as fast as possible.

We follow a strict Food Safety Program:
Our Mandarin trees are fertilized by gathering manure from our hens and using a unique but labor intensive process to place it under organic certified fabric at the base of each tree, therefore, no manure comes in contact with the fruit. Once clipped from the tree, every piece of fruit is put in a cleaned field bin and tracked from orchard to packer to consumer, ensuring its cleanliness at every stage of distribution.

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Thank you for supporting local organic agriculture,
The Anderson Family
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